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So here is where we can start editing and contributing! I think the best thing we can do is start inputting the information that we already have, such as the history of the dragon war, what races are important to our campaign. Links to locations can come later, since we wont have many of them in the beginning. Just make sure that any work you do is organized well. Put them under the correct wiki header. So, as an example you would put any information about Orcs under the Orc Wiki which will be located under the Races Wiki. Also, if you edit an existing page make sure to mark it in red so that it is noticeable. The script to mark things red can be found under this paragraph. Ooo, ooo! Also, we can have any feats we make up or change here too! Aaaaaannnnd Items (although there is a tab for items and I may end up moving them there)…


Things Needing Attention

So before you get started brain storming up a bunch of ideas, there are some things that should get done. We need to focus on thinking up history/storyline for the main races. We currently only have back story or ideas for Orcs, Lizardfolk and Grey Elves (none of which are the original dungeons and dragons’ races). I have begun the process of working on gnomes, since they are one of the races that have the least amount background in our world. Let’s focus on getting some back story for the other races before we continue to add new races.

Also, we need to work out a timeline for the history of the dragon war. It does not have to be super detailed, just the main story of what of what happened. We have talked about some ideas, but we need to work on one. you can get to that from here.

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